Sorry for not posting, My computer is messed up

19 07 2008

Yep, my graphics card is MESSED UP, my dad will fix it, when he fixs it, i will be posting, ok?


New Site

11 06 2008

Ok guys, i have a new site, it is:

I have Custom CSS, its better, please go there.

Thank you

– Noil Man

New Pin/Clothing Catalog Secrets

9 06 2008


Yo! Wazzup!

There’s new stuff:

  • New Pin
  • New Clothing Catalog – Secrets


The new pin is at the forest. It is an Ice Cream Cone.


Click on the Blue Flower Flip Flop, for the Red Viking Helmet. Open and close it four times for the Blue Viking Helmet.

Click on the meter on the Diver’s Suit, for the Diver’s Helmet.

Click on the Queen’s Crown, for the Crystal Staff.

Click on the Buckle of the Knight Armor, for the Woodsman Hat.

Click on the Pouch of the Overalls, for the Cheesy Necktie.

Thats all!

Walk on the cool side

– Noil Man

New Newspaper/New Wallpaper

5 06 2008

Yo! Wazzup!

The new Edition of the Penguin Times has been released! It has a lot about the Water Party!

The Party starts on June 13th! There will also be a Stage Update on June 13th.

There are also new Upcoming Events!

There is also a new wallpaper about Rockhopper and a treasure chest.

Thats all!

– Noil Man

Water Party Sneak Peak

3 06 2008

Yo! Wazzup!

Hey Everyone! One of the parties that many penguins have always liked was the Water Party. The Water Party is coming back! Here is a sneak peek of the Party.


The Water Party will be a great way to kick off summer on Club Penguin!

The Party will start on June 13th and end on June 18th.

There will be amazing decorations!

– Noil Man

I deleted Dan1034’s blog, sorry…

1 06 2008

Sup… its Tax Zilla, remember me? Im Noil Manz’s brother

I just deleted Dan1034’s blog because he said bad stuff about my brother.

Im so sorry Dan1034.

I just quit Club Penguin, everyone will hate me 😥 im tired of this.

That’s my last post, bye… 😦

– Tax Zilla

Penguin Mail Update

31 05 2008

Yo! Wazzup!

In the past few weeks, the Club Penguin Team announced that their will be a new system for sending mail to your buddy’s. The Club Penguin team has been working very hard, and they have created a logo for “Penguin Mail.” Look at the picture below for a sneak peek of the penguin mail logo.

With the new Penguin Mail system, you will be able to send mail to your buddy’s, even if they are offline. You will be able to save and delete mail. More exciting features will be included with this new upgrade. This hasn’t been released yet, but it will be coming soon.

Thats all for now…

– Noil Man