Hey Everyone this Page shows Club Penguin Cheats and Glitches:


First go to and press f11 on your keyboard. Click on the White space below your chatbox where you type in words on Club Penguin.

The Long Words Glitch

Press and hold a really wide letter in your chatbox until it stops (like “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”). Hold down the Button until it goes to the end of your Chat Bar. Now Press Enter. What you typed will be so long that it will go outside of your Chat Bubble. If you look into the Chat History at the top of Club Penguin, your word won’t even be displayed there! It will just say (Your Penguin’s name here).

Invisible Penguin Glitch

To do this cheat you will probably need a way of 2 connections.2 computers is the best way to do it thats what i did for it. Log on to the penguin you plan on doing it on and go on to a server and to the spot you want the invisible penguin on. Log on to the same penguin on connection 2 (second computer) and go to a different server and make sure you didn’t log out of the first connection (computer). Log out of both connections. Log on to the penguin once again to the first server you went to on the first connection and the same room and you should have your name where you stood before but you can’t see it so go on connection 2 with a different penguin and same server and same room and check.

You send as many duplicates as you want for how many names you want there to be. If you talk with the penguin your doing it on, a Chat Bar will appear with ”wwwwwwww” on either your original penguin or your invisible penguin (It will appear normal on connection 1).

Clothing Dances

Wear as many Clothing Items that give you a special dance (I suggest wearing either of the Lei, and the Green Duckie Tube). Open up your Player Card and take everything off. Put on the Tour guide hat (Make sure not to Close your Player Card). Now, wave by pressing W on your Keyboard. You willl be Hula dancing, holding up the tour card, swimming, wearing cool stuff all at the same time! This is probably my favorite Glitch of all time.

Endless Dancing

Go to the town and dance. Now click the Home Igloo icon on your Chatbar. You will still be dancing even when you enter your igloo!

Crazy Dances with Different Clothes On

Have on any clothes, and open up your player card. Take off everything and put on an item that makes you do a special dance or wave (Example Maracas, Lei or a tour guide hat). With the player card still open, do the special Dance/Wave, and you should be dancing with the other clothes on!

Robot Dance

First, wear any clothing item that makes you do something special when you dance. For example, the Blue Lei. Then, open up your player card and take off the item and put on another item that has a special Dance (Example: Maracas, Green Duckie, or Ice Cream Apron). With your player card still opened, dance, and your item should be dancing one way while you dance another!

Jumping on Club Penguin Dance

First go to your inventory and put on any guitar you have. Next close your player card. Open the inventory back up and take off the guitar, then put on the Mining Helmet (Do not Close your Player Card).
Then dance by pressing D on your Keyboard and you will be jumping with the guitar on the ground!

Parrot Dance Glitch

Open your player card. Now remove all your wearing and if you have a stuffed parrot wear it. Close your player card again. Open your player card again and remove the stuffed parrot and wear your tour guide hat, keep it open and wave. Now your stuffed parrot will be flying and you can see it but it flies only once per doing the cheat.

Sunglasses Glitch

Put on the Orange Penguin Paint and then wear the green sunglasses. Open up your player card and put on a tour guide hat. Without closing your player card, wave by pressing W on your Keyboard. Your sunglasses should fly off almost to the ground. If you continue to wave, they will continue to fly off.

The Four Handed Pizza Glitch

Put on your Pizza apron and your Chef Hat. Start dancing. You will be tossing a Pizza in the air. Now, take off the apron and Chef Hat (Don’t Close your Player Card). Put on the Tour Guide hat. Still keep your player card open, and wave. You should be tossing a pizza with four hands!

The Superman Glitch

Take off all your clothes and then open up your player card. Put on your tour guide hat and wave. You should have your hands up like your flying like Superman does!

Play Guitar as Ghost Costume Throws Snowballs

Put on a Ghost costume and any other clothing items that you want. Open your player card and take everything off (Don’t close your player card). Put on a guitar and start dancing. Your ghost costume should be throwing a snowball each time you press the dance button, and you will be playing the guitar.

The Flying Rainbow Hat Glitch

First, take off all of your Clothes on CP and put on the Umbrella Hat. Open up your player card and take off the Umbrella Hat and instead put on your Tour Guide hat (Don’t close the playercard)! Now wave by pressing W on your Keyboard. Your gigantic rainbow hat should fly off onto the ground and fly all the way back to your head.

Postcard Glitch

Click on any penguin other than your own and click the ‘Send Postcard’ button. Click any postcard that invites them to a place, and preview it (Make sure not to buy it). Click “Go there!” in the Post Card Preview, and you will be there!

Teleport Glitch

Go to a crowded server in Club Penguin that’s almost always full ( Example: Mammoth or Frozen). Go to a place in CP thats full as well, like the Dock. There has to be a lot of people there for this Glitch to work, and your computer should be lagging at least a little. Do the fart emote (Press E and then T) and a Music Emote should appear over you. Now walk around the Dock and you should be walking really fast for the first three to four seconds. It will look to others like you are teleporting.

The Tour Guide Hat and Maraca Glitch

Wear the Tour Guide Hat and the Maracas. Open up your player card and take off the Maracas. Without closing your player card, dance by pressing D on your Keyboard. There should be a Tour guide sign floating in the air. Your tour guide hat will float in the air while you move around shaking your invisible Maracas!

The Bell and Tour Guide Hat Cheat

First, take off everything you are wearing but the tour guide hat and the bell. Now, if you wave, you should ring your bell. Open up your Player Card and Take off your bell (Keep the Player Card Open). Now wave by pressing W on your Keyboard. Your bell will be on the floor and you will be holding your Tour Guide sign up at the same time!

The Bell and Tour Guide Hat Cheat 2

Wear no clothing besides a Bell. Open up your Player Card and take off the Bell. Next, put on your Tour Guide hat. With your player card still opened, wave by pressing W on your Keyboard. You should have your hands up in the air and the bell on the ground.

Stop your player from doing something

Click the tab on the top of the screen that shows that Chat History on CP. While the chat history is being pulled up and down by your mouse, click on any game to play (Find Four, Mancala, etc.). You won’t be able to click Yes or No and you can’t stop moving the chat history tab! You can only log off.

Secret Clothes for Secret Agents

After you have became a secret agent, go to the HQ and look at the book called “The F.I.S.H.” at the bottom right. There are secrets in it as well as secret agent clothes you can buy!

Walking on Walls

You will need Internet Explorer 7 to be able to walk on Walls in Club Penguin.

Go to using Internet Explorer 7. Log in to Club Penguin. At the bottom right of your browser where they display the Time, there is a zoom in tool represented by a microscope with a +, click it and zoom to 700%. Scroll Right and Click on the White Area.

Once you have clicked on the White Area, zoom out to 100% and you will Standing on the wall.

Walk on the Beacon’s Lightbulb

Go behind the beacon and throw a couple of snowballs so that the snowballs go through the beacon, to the other side. Quickly Press the + button on your keyboard and click on the snowballs to go through it. When you are halfway through, click behind the beacon to walk back. If this does not walk try redoing it but this time keep pressing the + button extremely fast. This doesn’t work for some people because of their computer but most computers work.

Walk on Mine Shack Walls

This Glitch is pretty much the same general concept as the Walk on Beacon Glitch so it may not work for some computers. Walk to the left or right of the Mine Shack (Make sure to not do the Mines, it is the Mine Shack), then quickly press the + button on your Keyboard. Click on the other side of the mine shack. This might not work the first time so keep trying and you will eventually go through. Be sure to keep pressing the + button when you are walking through it. Remember, this does not work for all computers.

Walking through Fire:

Stand to the left of the Bonfire at the Cove. Click on the Catchin Waves Surfing Shack, and you should walk through the fire!

Walk on the Club Penguin Pathways:

Go to the top of the mountain and play Bunny Hill (This Glitch may also work if you play another course). As you are walking towards the course, open your map. Click ‘Yes’ when it asks you if you want to play. When you are sledding down the hill in the course, go to the Town on your map. Click on the pathway to the right or left of the town and press W on your Keyboard repetitively. You should wave when you stop walking. You are on a pathway!

Walk through the Gift Shop

Do the Walk On Pathways Glitch (The Glitch Above). Stand on the upper/right-most of the path that is right of the Town. Now Press D on your Keyboard and Start Dancing. Then click on the door to the Dance Club and you should walk right through the Gift Shop to get to the Dance Club!

Walking on the Table in the HQ

Go to the upper right corner of the Secret Agent HQ. Click on the door on the left and you will be walking over the table.

Huge Rainbow Bracelet

Go to the Book Room (The Top Floor of the Coffee Shop) and sit on the large chair on the far left. Then click on the stairs so that you exit the room. As soon as you click on the stairs, immediately open the Library (click on the Book in the lower right hand corner) and open the book “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” and go to the last page of the book to where the free Rainbow Bracelet is. Then click the bracelet but do not click Yes or No. If you do all this before your penguins gets to the stairs and exits the room, the cheat should work. When the Coffee Shop loads, there should now be a big Rainbow Bracelet floating in the air. The bracelet will stay with you no matter what place you go to on CP until you log off. If you want to get rid of the bracelet before logging off, you can redo the cheat but this time, click Yes or No.

The Dropping Rainbow Bracelet

Take off everything you are wearing besides the Tour guide hat and your rainbow bracelet. Open your up player card and take off your bracelet but do not close your playercard! Wave, and your penguin should now be holding up the Tour Guide sign and your bracelet should fall all the way down to the ground and slither back up.

Tips on Sled Racing

Try to Stay in the Middle of the Track after you sled over a log, a jump or an Ice Patch. If you stay in the Middle you will have an even chance to slide your penguin over for the next obstacles. This is the best strategy to Sled Race with unless you memorized the Course.

Sled Race on Bunny Hill with 4 Penguins

First, go to Ridge Run (the Sledding Hill with four penguins) and double click ‘Yes’ right when it asks you if you want to play. You should now walk away from the slope, but you’re still waiting in the game; then walk to the Bunny Hill ski slope and click Yes when it asks if you want to play. You have to do this before 4 penguins (including you) agree to Sled in Ridge Run. If you do it right you’ll be playing the Bunny Hill course with the three people you’re playing Ridge Run with! The Bunny Hill slope is a lot easier, so when penguins struggle and trip in Ridge Run, you’ll win the game by playing on Bunny Hill slope. If it didn’t work, you probably didn’t double-click ‘Yes’ fast enough.

Play Two games of Mancala at the Same Time

Go to the Upper Floor of the Coffee Shop. Go to a Mancala game and click Yes rapidly as many times as you can, when it asks if you want to play. Then walk downstairs. Now go back upstairs and go to another Mancala game and play it.

Find Four and Mancala Glitch

Go play either Find Four or Mancala. When the sign pops up and asks if you want to play, click ‘Yes’ quickly many times. Your penguin will walk away from the game board. You should now be playing the game from far away. Works better on slow computers in full servers.

Find Four and Mancala Glitch 2

Go to the Ski Lodge or the Upstairs of the Coffee Shop room. Go to a Mancala or Find Four game and click Yes as fast as you can, when it asks if you want to play. Then walk downstairs. Walk back upstairs and go to that same game. When you try to Watch the game, it will say that the Room is full and the room you are in will have to reload!

How to Spam on Club Penguin

When you Spam you are saying nonsense things really fast. If you repeatedly press the J button on your Keyboard you will tell Jokes. If you press it really fast it will be telling jokes faster than anything (Make sure that you are not typing in the Chat Bar).

The Large Message Cheat

Go to the Gift Shop and Start walking towards the Changing Rooms. Click on another Penguin’s player card and request to be his/her buddy before you get there. The screen should say “Request Sent,” and you should have walked up to the Changing Rooms. When you walk up to the Changing Room, an Automatic Catalog should have appeared. Now click OK to the “Request Sent” Display. The catalog will now close, but the message will still be there! No matter how many times you click OK, the message will still be there. This glitch will stay until you log off!

Giving Tour Guides Without the Tour Guide Hat

Open up your playercard. Put on your tour guide hat (Do not close the player card). Click the Message button on the far left of your chat bar a the bottom of the screen. Move your cursor to “Activities” and then move it over to “Give a Tour”. With your player card still opened, you should be giving a tour of the place you are, without the Tour guide hat on. This can be done while wearing any clothes you want.

How to Wave really fast

Press W on your Keyboard rapidly. Your penguin will be waving fastly.

How to throw snowballs really fast

Instead of pressing the Snowball button on the chat bar in Club Penguin, just press T on your keyboard. Just keep pressing T and clicking where you want to fire and you’ll be throwing really fast!

Throwing Snowballs from the Ground

Do the cheat above that lets you throw Snowballs really fast and shoot the snowballs at a place far away from your penguin as fast as possible for ten seconds. After 10 Seconds, Immediately move your penguin so it walks away from the place you are shooting the snowballs. The snowballs should be shooting from the ground. Other people can’t see this, but it is pretty cool.

Tour Guide Sign Glitch

Wear anything (I suggest wearing nothing because it works best if you’re wearing nothing). Open your player card, and take off everything in your player card. Put on your Tour Guide hat, (Make sure not to Close your Player Card). Now, Wave and you will be holding up your hands!

Armpit Snowballs

Press T on your Keyboard To Aim your snowball. Then click somewhere far away on your right and while you are reaching down to pick up the snowball, press W to Wave. You should be waving and a snowball should come out of your armpit! This Glitch can also can be done while dancing.

Floating Hat

Put on your propeller hat. Dance so that you are flying in the air. Open up your player card and put on the tour guide hat (Don’t close the player card), and Wave. You will be holding your hat in the air! Other penguins can’t see this.

Night Club Jump to the Dock Glitch

When you are at the Night Club, rapidly click on the Exit door, even when the Town is still loading. If you do it right, you should end up on the left pathway leading to the Dock as soon as the Town loads.

Big Screen Club Penguin

Use this link for Big Screen Club Penguin. All of the Cheats/Glitches work on this site.

Log into any Moderator’s Account

You can log into any Moderator’s Account including Rockhopper on Big Screen Club Penguin by typing their username and a random password. If you do this, you will get banned immediately if you aren’t using the moderator’s IP Address (the Moderator’s Computer). This means you can only log in without getting banned if you are using the Moderator’s real computer.

How to Check to see if a Penguin is Banned

Type in the account Username in the log-in screen. Next, type in a random password that is 5 or more digits long. If the account is banned it will show it even if the password is incorrect.

Finding Friends

If your Buddy is in the HQ and you press the Find Button on their Player Card it will say that they are Hiding. If your friend is on an Adventure that means that they are on a Mission.

Putting Up Newspapers in the Boiler Room

Go to the boiler room and open the cabinet with the Old Newspapers in it. Click and hold the last newspaper in the back of the cabinet. Move your mouse to the newspaper directly ahead of it (keep holding). Now let go of the mouse and the last newspaper should be standing up. Now click and hold the second to last newspaper and move the mouse to the one in front. This one should be standing up too now. Continue doing this until all of the newspapers are standing up.

Hidden Ninja Clothing

First, go to and click the N on the Night Club Sign. The Penguin will wear a Ninja Mask.

Puffle with no name

Buy a puffle at the store. They will ask to write a name for your Puffle. Push the spacebar a few times, then click Next.

Dancing Puffle

Take your Puffle for a Walk. If you dance while walking with your Puffle your Puffle will be dancing with you.

Surfing Puffle

If you walk with a Red Puffle and go surfing, the Red Puffle will Surf with you.

Walk/Feed/Sleep/Bathe with your Puffle outside of your Igloo

Click your puffle’s player card. Then click on the map and go anywhere. You will still have the puffle’s player card even if you’re not in your igloo! You can do any of the Options for your Puffle.

The Bouncing Puffle Glitch

Go to the Puffle Shop, and move your cursor on the Puffle Pen, the Puffles will start bouncing. Click and drag your cursor from the Puffle Pen to the Puffle Shop door. If you do it right, the Puffles will still be bouncing where ever you go.

Make a Puffle Cry Glitch

Do the Puffle Emote by pressing E, and then P on your Keyboard. Then, press the + button on your Keyboard which is the button next to Backspace Key. Your puffle will now be crying.

Sliding on the Ice Rink

If you are in the Ice Rink room, you can still slide even if you are not on the actual ice! For example, you are able to slide on the stands of the Ice Rink.

Walk on the Lighthouse Walls

Go to the lighthouse. Move your Penguin behind the barrel of fish (or somewhere between the barrel and boat). Click on the door a few times, then click above the door. You should be walking on the walls.

Walk on the Lighthouse Walls (Way 2)

Walk onto the box of fish (Make sure the cart is blocking you and that you can only see your name). Now click on the Exit Door (left of the Sign with the 8 on it) and then immediately click on something on the upper left, like the picture of a penguin,Make sure you do this as many times as you can and as fast as you can. You will be walking on the wall.

Sideways Wall Items

To put wall items so that they are flipped sideways, have a wall item put up on the wall and quickly drag it outside the igloo/ If you do it quickly it should be sideways.

Wall Furntiture Items

To make furniture items go on the wall, Double Click the furniture item on the top rows of your inventory. You can do the same with wall items.

Sitting Forward

Click any spot to walk to. Press the S Button on your Keyboard. It will Sit in the Direction that you were last standing in.

Have over 100 Buddies

If your Buddy List is in the 90’s (I suggest having 99 buddies for this cheat to work best), ask as many people as you can to be your Buddy. (Do not Open your Buddy Mail to see if they Accepted or Declined your Buddy Invitation). Keep asking more and more people. When you think you’ve asked enough people, open all of the buddy requests in your Buddy Mail. If more penguins accepted you would have more than 100 penguins. Those Penguins will still be your buddies and you will have over 100 buddies on your Buddy List.

Hidden Buddies

If any of your buddies are logged into a different server than you are logged into, log in and check the buddy chat quickly after you log into any server (other than the one your buddy is on). Your buddy list will say they are on (even though its only supposed to say that if they are on the same server as you. You will only see this for one or two seconds but it is pretty cool.

Astro Barrier Cheats

When you are on level 7, the screen will tell you about the blue bars/enemies. Click the one in the example for a free life. On level 10 or 30, if you wait a minute, a blue ship will appear, and if you shoot it, you’ll go to the expert levels. Wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31 and shoot the blue ship that appears. You will enter Secret Levels. At the Main Menu for AstroBarrier (the screen you get to after you press the Start Button), press 1, 2, or 3, to get to level 10, 20, or 30!

Pizzatron 3000

To play on the Dessert Mode in Pizzatron 3000, click on the Red Lever when you are at the start menu. You receive more coins this way.

Ice Fishing

To catch Mullet in Ice Fishing, use a little Yellow or Silver fish as bait.

Jet Pack Adventure’s 1,000 Coin Reward

If you Beat Jet Pack Adventure without getting a single coin

Low definition Club Penguin

This Cheat is best if you’re in a slow or laggy Server. Press the + button next to the Backspace button to go to Low-defintion Club Penguin mode. You won’t lag anymore!

Speed Boat at the Cove

Go to the Cove and look into the Binoculars. After you wait 10 seconds a Speed Boat will drive by.

Blue Penguin

Go to Club Penguin’s Home Page ( and point your cursor at the Coffee shop door in the Header at the top of the site. A random blue penguin will walk out!

Hidden Content

The newspaper frequently has hidden things in it. Move your Mouse over the words in the Newspapers, and if they light up they have Hidden Content. Click the Highlighted words to find the hidden content.

Ask Aunt Arctic Glitch

Go to a very big place on the map like the Dock. Open up your newspaper. Send a Joke/Riddle/Ask to Aunt Arctic. Now stay on the place you were at before you send it. You can see what others are typing!


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