How To Become Famous

Step 1

So to be famous you need to not be so mean. You want people start liking you so that he could get more people to like you, and they get more people to like you, and then your fan population becomes bigger. One way to start to get popular fast is having a blog or site. But in order for that to help you, you need to make your blog or website one of the best by updating it, advertising it, and just doing your best to make it the best. That is one way for you to become “famous.” I’m sure it can help because look at all these other famous penguins that are so famous just because of their club penguin cheats blogs or sites. But be sure to advertise your site a lot or else no one will know about it. You should ask people that have a lot of hits on their sites to add you to your blogroll. Or another choice would be advertising and telling your friends about your site. But one bad choice is to advertise where it says not to. It could get you in serious trouble, or it might make people talk bad about you, not go to your blog, or some other things like that.

Step 2

Another choice on how to be famous is just plain ‘ol club penguin. Go and waddle around and be nice to others. Walking around, asking people how they are, and if they ask you a question lets just say, where is the new pin, be nice enough to tell them where it is. Or you can even lead them to it. You can also get some fans by having famous people on your buddy list. That could help because the famous penguins make videos of their buddy list, which means you would be in the video! So people will kinda know your penguin.

Step 3

Another way to be famous is a youtube account. You get people to view your videos, and if they are really good they will keep looking at them. And next thing you know, everyone knows you because of your great club penguin videos. But may I recommend a club penguin tv show. For most people the music videos are hard. The lyrics, places, how long it takes, and much more. So ya, I recommend the tv show.

Step 4

And is you can use is a chat, and so do many other famous penguins. Going to various different bribbles will get people to recognize you when you make your site, or blog. They will think, hey, I know him. And more people will know you. If you may already have a site, and your thinking of making a chat, I recommend getting your site more popular so that when you make your chat, it will also be popular.


2 responses

26 05 2008

great now im going to do that and be famous 🙂

16 06 2008


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